Adventures in Freebernetes Tutorial: Build Your Own Bare-VM k3s Cluster

Part 1: Required Tools

We’re going to install the tools needed on the FreeBSD hypervisor. You can compile from the ports tree or install from packages, whichever you prefer. The tutorial assumes you have already installed all these ports. When additional post-installation configuration is required, we will walk through it at the appropriate point in the tutorial.

We need to build k3sup locally, so this list includes the build tools for compiling from source.

Here is the full list of required packages, including the versions, with the ports section in parentheses:

  • Build tools
    • git 2.29.2 (devel)
    • go (lang)
  • K8s tools
    • kubectl 1.19.4 (sysutils)
  • FreeBSD system tools
    • CBSD 12.2.4 (sysutils)
    • nsd 4.3.4 (dns)
  • Misc tools
    • wget 1.20.3_1 (ftp)

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