Adventures in Freebernetes Tutorial: Build Your Own Bare-VM Kubernetes Cluster the Hard Way

Page 2: Installing the Client Tools

We’re going to install both the tools listed in original, plus additional software that we will need on the FreeBSD host. You don’t need to follow any specific steps listed in the original.

You can compile from the ports tree or install from packages, whichever you prefer. The tutorial assumes you have already installed all these ports. When additional post-installation configuration is required, we will walk through it at the appropriate point in the tutorial.

Here is the full list of required packages, including the versions, with the ports section in parentheses:

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3 thoughts on “Adventures in Freebernetes Tutorial: Build Your Own Bare-VM Kubernetes Cluster the Hard Way

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  1. What a fantastic and interesting job you’ve done! I will definitely try!
    Question – as far as I understand, you are not using any K8S CNI ( calico, flannel, … ). How your cluster works with multiple nodes ( ip address for pod, connectivity ? )


    1. It is actually using a CNI plugin ( although it just creates a basic bridge for the container network. Most CNI plugins should work fine on this cluster, which does actually have three worker nodes, and I’ve tested pod connectivity between nodes. A simple test for full CNI functionality would be to install Calico and test a NetworkPolicy.


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